We have significant experience with international transport, especially for shipments of marketing materials produced in Asia. Our logistics experts will constantly supervise your deliveries. We take care of all transit and customs clearance steps to ensure a smooth delivery of your ordered materials at the right time and place.

Administration and Support Team

  • Employees of your company will have direct access to your appointed logistics expert who takes care of questions and urgent inquiries anytime
  • BrandSourcery offers advice for optimizing your purchasing and distribution processes with the help of e-shops and campaign management tools. Find out more about digital solutions here

International Import and Export

  • We organize sea freight, air freight, combined modes and express deliveries, all according to your requirements
  • Our logistics experts track your orders and answer any questions you may have during the process

Warehousing and Storage Management

  • In case you do not need all of your products immediately, we have several warehousing options for you
  • We are able to store your goods for short or long periods of time according to your current needs

Assembly, Repacking and Distribution

  • Need a long list of marketing materials repacked, assembled and distributed to an even longer list of addresses? No problem. Let us take care of it all
  • Together with our strategic logistics partner we work out the best option that fits within your budget

Direct Invoicing

  • We offer direct invoicing for each individual entity
  • Your advantage: if your subsidiaries or stores need to receive separate invoices for their ordered products you do not need to handle all the paperwork of paying, splitting and distributing costs internally yourself – let us take care of that for you