Is your desire to digitalize your marketing processes? Is your number of suppliers and partner companies rising? You are continuously planning to enter new markets, to open more locations and by doing so the distance to your headquarter is becoming greater? Then the administration of marketing materials by spreadsheets and email will become more and more difficult.

BrandSourcery will design a tailored e-shop and/or campaign management solution which will significantly ease your internal processes. As a result all orders and campaign processes will be fully automated and your marketing personnel will have more time available for other core tasks.

Standard Solutions

  • BrandSourcery offers standard e-shops and campaign management tools. These tools include state-of-the-art features such as responsive design and cross-platform usage
  • BrandSourcery experts will analyze your needs and provide advice if a standard solutions is sufficient or offers additional features to optimize your marketing processes

Tailored Solutions

  • Anything is possible. BrandSourcery will design and implement your fully tailored digital solution
  • Digitalization of today’s analog business processes is our passion. With an outstanding design based on your corporate identity and high usability for all kinds of devices we will move your processes for distribution of marketing materials to the next level

Administration & Support

  • Even though most of the process is automated, your BrandSourcery expert will supervise all orders and will be your go-to support for any questions or inquiries throughout the order and campaign management
  • We will also keep you up-to-date on your current inventory and track the location and timing of distributed parcels for you